16 Dirty ‘Would You Rather’ Questions For Lovers

In a connection, people ask each other questions all the time.

But, there comes a point when, to be able to raise the aspect that is intimate, you need to attack the topic of dirty would you rather questions.


If answered truthfully, these serve the dual function of bringing you nearer together, and raising your awareness of security along with your partner. And when you learn things that you might have preferred to not understand, well, better to find out earlier rather than later!

By using the proper questions, each of you are able to research your approach to sex, and better understand each other’s needs, desires that are sexual, or fantasies.

Our Life Daily investigators have picked a brief list of useful filthy “would you rather” questions which you can checkout in several moments.

Aside from helping you to understand your partner better, you can even use the answers to fantasize in bed (or wherever) with your lover.

Now, browse the list:

1. If we played “sexual truth or challenge” with other couples, would you rather see me have sex with someone, or would you prefer having sex?

2. Could you read “50 Shades of Grey, or rather watch porn with me?

3. Would you rather have sex with the lights on, or the lights off?

4. Would you cheat on me, or bring someone else into bed?

5. Could you rather have sex in the early hours, or during the night?

6. Would you rather pay for sex, or get paid for sex?

7. Would you give oral sex, or receive it?

8. Would you rather have sex while someone is watching, or would you would like to watch someone having sex?

9. Can you rather be on top, or underneath?

10. Can you rather spit, or consume?

11. Can you rather try new and ridiculous kinky sex ideas, or only have romantic sex?

12. Could you rather have just one, or multiple sex partners?

13. Would you rather end a first date with a fervent kiss, or would you love to end a first date with sex?

14. Can you rather see girl on girl pornography, or guy on guy porn, to turn yourself on?

15. Could you have sex with your best friend, or my best friend?

16. When we’re having sex, could you fantasize about it covertly in your thoughts, or rather talk with me about someone you really fancy?

Armed with one of these filthy “would you rather” questions you should have the ability to take your relationship to new heights.

Are you experiencing some other questions to enhance the list? Simply make use of the comments feed below.